Other areas of law

Our experience has shown that many issues or problems often extend over more than one area of law. We therefore pursue a holistic approach in our consulting activities. If specialist knowledge of other areas of law is available in-house, this know-how is seamlessly incorporated into our services. If necessary, we can draw on a long-standing network of national and international specialists and thus offer our clients a one-stop solution in every single case

Against this backdrop, we provide advice in particular on the following areas of law:

  • Law on personal rights, association and foundation law
  • Inheritance law and succession planning, execution of wills
  • Real estate law and private construction law
  • Data protection and IT law
  • Work permits, delegation of employees, employment services and personnel leasing
  • Credit security (surety, assignments, pledges, chattel mortgages, guarantee contracts)
  • Compliance and regulatory issues (money laundering, financial market supervision; regulations of the banking, stock exchange and of the collective investment law)
  • Commercial administrative law and commercial criminal law

In all areas, we also conduct corresponding court or arbitration proceedings or proceedings before authorities, if necessary, with the involvement of external specialists.